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 How does a person apply for a BIT inspection?

All motor carriers in California are required by law to have a carrier identification number (CA number) from the CHP. If you or your company do not already have a CA number, you may obtain a CA number by completing a ”Motor Carrier Profile” form CHP 362, and submitting it to the CHP. There is no charge for this number, but your BIT application, which does involve a fee, cannot be processed until you have a CA number to include on it. The CHP 362 may be obtained at any CHP office, or via the internet at:
• Complete an "Application for Truck Terminal Inspection-BIT Program" form CHP 365. The CHP 365 may be obtained at any CHP office, or via the internet at:

• State and local government agencies are exempt from the inspection fees, but must apply for and undergo BIT inspections. Federal agencies are exempt from the BIT Program.
• BIT inspection are non-refundable, and must not be combined with fees for any other program, license, or type of inspection.
• Send the completed application along with a check or money order for the total amount of terminal inspection fees to:

California Highway Patrol Accounting Section — BIT Program
P.O. Box 942902
Sacramento, CA 94298-2902 

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