Commencing 1 January 2016

Assembly Bill No. 529 - Major Changes
GVWR: 10,000LB All commercial vehicles over 10,000 GVWR are now in the BIT Program (see Note)
FMCSA System All commercial vehicles are in the FMCSA performace based system
6 Year Inspection CHP preforms inspections once every 6 years or sooner, based on performance
BIT Fees ($) Collected by the DMV with Motor Carrier Permit
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Note: from Rudy Salazar
New 10,000 GVWR vehicles, also known in vehicle code as "J" vehicles (don't trust Rudy or this website read the law yourself), are required to perform every part of the BIT program, but can only be cited for hours of service and logbook violations (California Vehicle Code 2016 page 440 Division 14.8. Safety Regulations 34500 (j)). This could change at any time--beware!

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 How does a person apply for a BIT inspection?

All motor carriers in California are required by law to have a carrier identification number (CA number) from the CHP. If you or your company do not already have a CA number, you may obtain a CA number by completing a ”Motor Carrier Profile” form CHP 362, and submitting it to the CHP. There is no charge for this number, but your BIT application, which does involve a fee, cannot be processed until you have a CA number to include on it. The CHP 362 may be obtained at any CHP office, or via the internet at:
• Complete an "Application for Truck Terminal Inspection-BIT Program" form CHP 365. The CHP 365 may be obtained at any CHP office, or via the internet at:

• State and local government agencies are exempt from the inspection fees, but must apply for and undergo BIT inspections. Federal agencies are exempt from the BIT Program.
• BIT inspection are non-refundable, and must not be combined with fees for any other program, license, or type of inspection.
• Send the completed application along with a check or money order for the total amount of terminal inspection fees to:

California Highway Patrol Accounting Section — BIT Program
P.O. Box 942902
Sacramento, CA 94298-2902 

NOTICE The information above is intended to give the general public an overview of BIT Program requirements, and is not intended to be used as a legal reference. While every effort to is made to ensure the accuracy of the information, the statutes explained herein are subject to change without notice.